Francine L. Shaw is a subject matter expert and Master Trainer in the food safety and training industry. She founded this firm in December of 2008, which specializes educating the hospitality industry in the areas of food safety, HACCP, alcohol intervention, operations, sanitation, service, recruiting, hiring, public relations, and marketing. The company provides guidance and advice on the development of training and consulting programs to provide compliance and risk management standards for reducing the number of foodborne illnesses annually.

The company’s goal is to assist clients by providing consulting and training services supporting the analysis of operations for safety and efficiency, execution of business action plans, recommendations regarding equipment purchases and facilitation leading to achieving state and local regulatory compliance for clients’ business endeavors.



Official recognition for her work with responsible
alcohol safety training by:

– Tom Corbett, Governor of Pennsylvania

– Edward G. Rendell, Governor of Pennsylvania

– Rick Santorum, United States Senate

– Bob Casey, United States Senate

– Arlen Specter, United States Senate

Leadership Award 2011, Paster Training, Inc.

Grant Team Award 2009, Paster Training, Inc.

Trainer of the Year 2005 and 2007, Paster Training, Inc.

2012 Certified Instructor, NEHA®
Denver, CO

2011 Certified Instructor, NRFSP®
Orlando, FL

2011 Certified FSM NRFSP®
Orlando, FL

2011 CP-FS, NEHA®
Denver, CO

2011 Basic, Advanced, and Trainer
HACCP Certifications Pearson Education
Upper Saddle River, NJ

2008 TIPS® Certified Instructor, HCI
Arlington, VA

2008, RAMP® Certified Instructor, PALCB
Harrisburg, PA

• CP-FS (Certified Professional of Food Safety)

• CFSM (Certified Food Safety Manager)

• FMP (Food Management Protection)

• FSM (Food Safety Manager)

• FSP (Food Safety Professional)

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