What Our Clients Say

Francine Shaw, President of Food Safety Food Safety Training Solutions, Inc. is a true asset to the A&D community. Francine and her team of experts work with Architects and Interior Designers to ensure essential food preparation and storage areas meet and exceed required food code jurisdictions across the US.  Additionally, Francine leverages her vast experience and knowledge to maximize food safety protocols throughout the planning, design and implementation process.

Lauryn Murphy 
President, ASID Maryland Chapter


“Thank you so much! I really appreciate all the help. I will definitely be using your company to renew in five years and recommending it to anyone I know in the industry. :-)”


This class ran much smoother than others I have attended. Rico was a wonderful trainer.

Bob – Philadelphia, PA


Best food safety class I have ever attended!

Beth – Lancaster, PA


Rico has A++ personality and professionalism!

Susan – Pottstown, PA


This was a great class. I learned a lot that will help me with my snack bar. Enrico was pleasant, positive, encouraging and very professional. He gave me the confidence I needed for the exam.

Nancy – Landsville, PA


Francine’s presentation really hit home, I did’t realize how little I knew about food safety until I attended her session.

Bill – Atlanta, GA


Hi Melissa, 

I thought I would send you a quick email to let you know that my clients have been very happy with ordering their ServSafe products from you. They have mentioned that you were very professional and efficient in providing them with specific product information prior to their purchases. 
The best responses I have heard and continue to hear from my clients is that you are very accessible and responsive!! I cannot tell you how important this is for me to hear especially when so many of my clients have challenging schedules. It would be great if you could forward your supervisor’s name and email address as I would like to share with them directly the wonderful services you have provided my clients.
Lori L. T.


I had the pleasure of attending a Food Safety class presented by Francine Shaw. I was blown away by her ability to take a not so exciting topic geared towards food illnesses and turn it into an exciting learning session. Francine has a great gift of connecting with others. I believe that every organization that deals with food can benefit from Food Safety training by Francine. 
Chris S.

Thank you so much for being an excellent trainer in our Target Food Safety Course. I appreciate the time and effort you put into training our team! We literally couldn’t have done this without you!”

Lindsay C.


The instructors’ personal experiences brought the session to life. They shared current events and tied global community and news/trends with the group.



I wanted to personally thank you for conducting the Food Safety Training Class here at the Fulton County Medical Center. Along with becoming Food Safety Certified, your class has helped my staff become more aware of the overall Food Safety Awareness that they will need to better serve our patients and guests. I look forward to having you again this coming year. Thank You.

Delores S.


Talk about customer service!   

JB (Gateway Travel Plaza)


We have known the Principals and staff of Food Safety Training Solutions for many years working closely with FSTS relative to a multitude of commercial eating and drinking establishment regulatory issues. They provide competent and professional services tailored to fit the ever changing needs of the industry. Along with their professional consulting services our staff uses their training services to help us keep current with our duties and responsibilities relative to various Health Department issues. We find FSTS a pleasure to work with on a daily professional basis. Thank you FSTS.

R. Clem M.


Francine is a gifted teacher who prepared me well for the ServSafe exam. Now, we’re relying on her consulting expertise to guide us as we prepare to open the commercial kitchen at Loaves and Fishes Farm. She tells us what we need to do – not just what we want to hear – to be ready for certification and successful operation.

Bonnie J. M.


Food Safety Training Solutions, Inc. meets their tag line “SMART. SAFE. SAVVY” I would also add dependable, diligent, delightful. I have a great trust in Francine to provide me with information and guidance that will not jeopardize my business or the health of others. Regards,

Jen B.


Thank you for your great customer service!

JB (Gateway Travel Plaza)


Class was awesome, this is my fourth time. I really didn’t think I could learn anything. This instructor kept it fun and upbeat, she was amazing! Thank you for teaching in a manner that my team can relate.

John R. – Wichita, KS


Francine’s teaching style is wonderful. She keeps it real. Her experience in the field enables her to understand our daily struggles. She talked to us, not at us. This is a rare find in most of the classes I take. I am certain I passed the test with flying colors thanks to her.

Craig P. – Pittsburgh, PA


Francine made sure I understood the information. She told a lot of stories which helped me retain the information I needed for the test.

Glory O. – St. Petersburg, FL


I have never laughed so much during a food safety class, I had no idea it could be this much fun! She covered all of the material quickly but effectively. Best trainer EVER!

Michael D. – Windsor, CT


Francine is very thorough in her efforts. She involved the entire classroom, the day flew by. I have been in the food service industry for many years and taken this class several times. She is by far the BEST instructor I’ve ever had teach this class.

Gerard G. – Long Island, NY


We don’t sell much food in our business but I was required to take this certification class. I didn’t want to attend but boy am I  glad I did! There is so much information I can share with my family. Francine made it entertaining. I will never forget, “Birds fly high” and many of the other things she taught us to help remember the key points. Loved it, so glad I came! My boss will be so surprised when I tell him!

Lindsay A. – Grand Rapids, MI


How soon can I take this class again? She was great!

Jennifer R. – Wichita, KS


I failed the class the last time I attended. I just couldn’t pay attention. Francine is positive, upbeat and energetic. She knew what it took too keep us interested. It was like taking a totally different class. I am certain I passed today! I can’t wait to see how well I did.

Kelli F. – Orlando, FL


WOW! Where does she get her energy. Francine did an amazing job. I’ve taken this class three times and never have I had a trainer like her. She not only understands the material but all aspects of the business too!

Kim H. – Fort Lauderdale, FL


Francine was remarkable. She took time to answer questions, yet kept class on track. I would recommend her to anyone. She is a great communicator.

Tim L. – Philadelphia, PA


Instructor was amazing! Lots of great information that I can use at home and at work.

Chris M., Cincinnati, OH

Learning made fun!

Khari, P., Cincinnati, OH

Rico was knowledgable, professional and very friendly.

Renee W., Collegeville, PA


Enrico conducted a great presentation!

Chris S., Downingtown, PA


I’ve taken this class three times and Francine is by far the best trainer I’ve encountered! This class was actually fun! I think it’s the first time I actually understood the material rather than memorizing it…More trainers should take her lead. It was a pleasure.

Samuel M., Bangor, ME


Fantastic Instructor!! Really enjoyed the class. Very knowledgeable. Well studied, experienced, great presenter. Very thorough seminar.

Kelly D., Boston, MA


Dear Enrico,

I had the pleasure of attending one of your ServSafe Manager’s classes. The class was held at the Hampton Inn in York. I was the first grade teacher that manages a pool snack bar in the summer.

I just wanted to Thank You for your expertise and knowledge about food safety that you brought to the class. I passed my test!! I feel I did a good job on the test because of the information you presented and the way you presented that information. It was a very enjoyable day and I learned A LOT! Thank you so much for making me feel comfortable when I was feeling so uncomfortable! Thanks for everything!


Nancy Neff 🙂

Thank you! I wish all my interactions were this easy! You are the best! 

Janie W. Cole, MS, RD, LD
Director of Coordinated Program in Dietetics 


Hey Susan. Just wanted to pass along some awesome feedback we received from your class today! You’re doing a great job, keep it up!

Kate O’Laughlin, CP-FS
Food Safety Specialist, North America – Retail Sector, Diversey, Inc.


Hi Francine! I wanted to take a moment and thank you for the past 2 days of training. I found myself wanting to pick your brain and gather more information (I realize time didn’t always warrant that). You did a phenomenal job! After only being with Target for 9 weeks, you filled a training gap for me that I had not yet received. I hope we can stay connected, I find you to be a wealth of knowledge and appreciate what you delivered to the team. Safe travels home!



Substance really matters. Savvy Food Safety’s team provided us with invaluable knowledge. On top of their expertise, they are incredibly fun and interesting professionals.   

Aaron Cohen
VP Business Development; Co-founder, CoInspect Inc.