ServSafe® Food Handler Program

Our employee starter program is taught utilizing the same tools of the trade as the Food Manager’s Certification course. The ServSafe Food Handler Guide easily integrates food safety into any existing onboarding training program. Enhanced assessment can be taken at the completion of training (or not) to measure if employees have the minimum competency in food safety knowledge.

This program covers five key areas:  

• Basic Food Safety

• Personal Hygiene

• Cross-Contamination & Allergens

• Time and Temperature

• Cleaning and Sanitation



Reduce the likelihood of becoming the epicenter of a foodborne illness. Improve customer satisfaction and employee retention levels by increasing food service skills and competency. Successful completion to this course by your team of employees will decrease your legal exposure. Completion of this program provides the operator with a proactive method to managing insurance premiums. This course has been proven to reinforce employee programs and adherence to state and local regulations.


Who should attend?

Food handlers, front-of-house team members, back-of-house team members, cooks, and key employees


Recommended Schedule

3 – 4 Hours/Session