Third Party Food Safety Inspections

It’s often invaluable to have an objective expert review your food safety protocols and procedures to check for compliance across all areas.  We provide an “outside perspective” and are able to identify issues – and potential issues – that your internal team may have missed.  We provide honest input about any violations, as well as actionable strategies to fix any problems before they negatively impact your guests – or your business.  



• Assure you’re in compliance with the most current food safety regulations

• Provide a valuable, objective point of view to see if you’re in compliance with respect to food safety issues

• Help prevent foodborne illness outbreaks

• Protect your facilities and your managers against legal action in the event of an outbreak

• Provide an important review of your facilities that may be overlooked because of owners’ and managers’ heavy workloads

• Can detect problems before your health inspector finds them (and before they get reported in the media)

• Can improve your inspections scores, which will increase business.

• Help reduce liability insurance costs, in some cases

• Are an important part of any quality assurance program